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The Selkirk Snowbike Complete System
Designed to seamlessly integrate everything you need to finish a Snowbike Build all in one place!

Enclose your engine on your E-Start Snowbike to keep your temperature's up & the snow and ice buildup out with our Selkirk Engine ArmorKeep your airbox dry with a Selkirk Enclosed Air box & Velocity Stack Intake. Ensure your hands stay warm with Selkirk Snowbike Coolant Heated Bars that seamlessly plumb into our Engine Armor. Don't forget to checkout our Platform Foot Pegs, set back .5" for improved comfort and control.




What does Selkirk Engine Armor do?

  1. Complete engine protection for snowbike Conversions.

  2. Integrated system for snowbike Engine Management.

What is Engine Armor?

  1. Complete engine enclosure with skid plate and snow shield, full coverage sides, radiator, air intake coverage and quick release removable upper access panels.

  2. Cooling system to manage engine temperature in extreme snowbike environments with integrated heat exchanger and thermostat.

Why do I need Engine Armor for my snowbike?

  1. Modern high-performance four-stroke dirt bikes were designed to race, not to operate in snow.

  2. Maintaining engine temperatures in the correct range is crucial to performance, reliability, and durability.

  3. Frozen snow hitting a hot engine causes thermal shock and uneven cooling that is detrimental to performance and longevity.

  4. Selkirk Engine Armor combined with cooling system upgrades help keep temperatures in a steady range operating in an extremely variable environment.

How will it help my engine?

  1. Very cold temperatures make an exposed or semi-covered engine difficult or impossible to keep up to required temperature.

  2. Too cold engine temps cause ecu’s to overfuel, resulting in excessive fuel that can end up in the oil, and lousy performance.

  3. Exposed air filters plug with snow and allow moisture into the engine. Air intake is positioned, enclosed, and protected to help keep snow and moisture out for reliability.

  4. Keeping temps up and consistent keeps moisture out of engine and extends oil life.

How does the heat exchanger work?

  1. Removes heat, functions as an additional radiator.

  2. Adds additional coolant capacity to a very small system.

  3. Conducts heat into skid plate and shield assembly to remove ice buildup.

Why do I need a heat exchanger?

  1. To help manage the additional thermal stress put on heavily loaded dirt bike engines operating in extreme temperature ranges as a snowbike.

  2. Mounted directly to skid plate or snow shield the heat exchanger transfers heat and minimizes any snow or ice buildup inside or outside the enclosure.

How it the heat exchanger plumbed?

  1. The heat exchanger is plumbed into the stock cooling system in-line with a thermostat.

  2. Generally, coolant exits the engine, runs to thermostat, heat exchanger, and back to radiator for additional cooling.

Does it work with heated bars?

  1. Absolutely. Heated bars are supplied by the bypass line on thermostat that allows the coolant to flow at a reduced rate when the thermostat is completely closed.

  2. This bypass line has coolant passing through if thermostat is open or closed.

  3. Flow to bars can be regulated by a valve in bypass line.

How easy is it to change my oil?

  1. Easily remove 4 bolt from the bottom of the skid plate. The skid plate will drop down for easy access to change your oil.
  2. Oil Change Video

How do I access my heated handlebar valve?

  1. 2 aircraft grade quarter turn fasteners quickly remove upper access panels for valves mounted inside engine compartment.

  2. Flow valve is usually mounted directly to thermostat, plumbing valve anywhere in the handlebar bypass line can put it in a more accessible location.

Is Engine Armor hard to install?

  1. Bike specific models have factory fit and finish, making installation easy.

  2. Replace skid plate, exhaust guard, radiator guard, blanket or cover with an integrated system that is overall far easier to install than the other one function options.

Is the Cooling System hard to install?

  1. The cooling system is similar to installing an aftermarket thermostat.

  2. All plumbing components to add heat exchanger into the system are included.

  3. Additional hose and parts are included to assist in rerouting existing thermostats, bypass plumbing, and adding temp gauges.

Does it fit my bike?

  • Currently not for 2 strokes. But the 300 KTM will be coming soon.

  • Currently does not fit kick start bikes. You want the button, you will not go back.

  • Don’t see your bike and you want one, send us a message.


Let us help you build your Engine Armor Kit!

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