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Quarter turn install & Initial panel fitting

Quarter turn install:

Quick release quarter turn fasteners can be tight initially when replaced or panels are changed.
The thickness of panels and manufacturing tolerances are slightly variable and the aluminum receptacle must be worked
in to finalize fit.

Changing Quarter turn:

Remove retainer with teeth from backside of fastener with a scribe or sharp pick.
Work one side then the other to work retainer up and off quarter turn.
Retainer will be destroyed in this operation, do not re-use.
To reinstall, lay panel quarter turn down, place new retainer with inner teeth pointing up.
Push retainer on firmly with 7mm 12 point end wrench (recommended), or a socket that just fits over cross pin.

Initial panel fitting:

Make sure quarter turn is lined up 90 degrees to receptacle.
Push in slightly, then turn d-ring clockwise ¼ turn to fasten.
If there is resistance: push in more, go easy, and work quarter turn open/closed a few times.
A little lube on cross pin will help if extra tight.
Do not force D-Ring to the point of twisting it off, this will bend the small cross pin leading to failure.
Work quarter turn open/closed a few times. Turn quarter turn 180 degrees and work it open/close a few more.
This process will help machine and deburr the aluminum receptacle for smooth operation.
If removing panels in snow/icy conditions watch for ice buildup between panels.
Don’t throw warm panel in powder, leading to ice sticking to panels.
If quarter turn gets very tight in the field you must clear snow, don’t force.

A little finesse goes a long way to ensure these aerospace fasteners will operate as designed for a long time:
Line up fastener 90 degrees to receptacle and straight in when securing panels.
Don’t force D-ring to install. Fastener should click into place easily.
Clear snow and Ice.
A little lube on occasion.